Friday, January 8, 2010

Twitter War - I WIN!

Some things you should know about me:

I love college football.

I hate it when people talk down to me.

I hate it when I am knowledgeable about a "man" thing and men talk down to me because I am a woman.

I hate dick faces.

Working years in IT, I encountered my fair share of mainframe programmers who grew up in a world where men did IT and women baked cookies and shot babies out of their cooters. I cannot tell you how many times I was asked to transfer customers to the "IT guy," when, in most cases, I was more knowledgeable than any man in my field.

That is a side bitterness that does not directly pertain to my current bitterness. Tonight was the BCS National Championship! Woot! Texas vs Alabama, for those of you that do not follow. I hate Texas because their fans are ass holes and they beat us once and I hold grudges.

At about 11:20 I sent a tweet that said:

Loving watching Texas lose! BCS
Loving watching Texas lose!

Minutes later, this captain of douche tweets this:

jmacofearth RT @SwithanH: Loving watching Texas lose! BCS Don't hold your breath sweetie. bcs hookem bama rolltide

I responded with this, after Alabama won:


jmacofearth How about now? RT @SwithanH: Loving watching Texas lose! jmacofearth Don't hold your breath sweetie. BCS (w/o typo. lol)

Admittedly the first time with a typo...comeback fail.

But, seriously, was the sweetie necessary? Am I the only person who finds that totally condescending? If, say, one of my friends called me sweetie, I would probably call them something like sugar ass or sweetie pie lover loo in return and we would laugh. Total strangers? Not OK. Am I alone in this? Am I the only person it makes crazy? It is not a sex thing either, women saying the same exact thing sound like a condescending ass hat.

Ugh. Sorry for the rant, but the whole thing just made me angry. And crazy.

Update! He just responded with this:

jmacofearth @SwithanH You are so good. Well played. Have a drink on me. bcs hookem bama rolltide

Still seems kind of douchy or is it just the beer talking? And the link is just a link to his tweet, NOT a coupon for a drink. LAME.


whimsy said...

I'm totally calling you sweetie for the rest of all eternity, when I'm sober. Just so you know. But, this blog is anonymous, so I'll make it work. Love you, sweetie!

Big Jed said...

Sweetie Ham Loaf?

Bradshaw said...

Creepy, you and I are REALLY similar. I'm completely with you on all of it. Even enjoying watching Texas lose.

Krackle said...

Hey sweetie....BARF. I hate that too and get it a lot since I sound like an 8 year old on the phone and I work in a call center. Ugh. BARF again.