Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm alive! Sort of.

The saying is...if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Lately that has been the case. I am fine, it's not like anything in my life is bad. Man-pants and I are great and decided to move in together when both our leases end this fall. Life is good. 

Work...well, it's been rough. The restaurant bought the building we are located in and money has been TIGHT. Stress levels are high. Menu changes are of course rolling out, which adds stress. Just stress, stress, stress. Doesn't make for a very good blog post. And, honestly, my life hasn't been much but work, work, work lately. I am taking a week of vacation in June and touring the Midwest to see all the family I didn't see over the holidays because I was working. 

The neighborhood family decided to be sober for the month of May. We all have just been partying too hard since spring hit. Bar patios and nice weather and cook outs and just constantly being outside with a drink in hand. My liver is silently weeping and I need to give him a break. I need him for the many years of bourbon ahead. (Not sure why my liver is male either. I suppose I picture him in an arm chair with a glass of booze smoking a cigar. My liver really shouldn't smoke.)

A family friend is dying. I say that bluntly because how else do you say it? He's 28 and a drug addict. His heart is failing and he needs a transplant but they won't put him on the list because of his drug use. It's sad, but honestly, expected. He was born with a heart defect and shouldn't even drink caffeine. I have seen the road ending here for years. I consider his parents my family and the true devastation is watching them lose their only child. 

Another part of sober May is watching a friend get consumed by alcoholism. He lost his job and got evicted from his apartment. His family has turned their backs on him and so have all his friends. It is sad and awful and I hope hitting rock bottom will be a wake up call. I highly doubt it. 

So, yeah. That is pretty much consuming me and I have zero on my mind other than all of that. I love this place and love all of you that still read. I promise, when everything isn't so bleak, I will be updating with my normal shenanigans. I will definitely be updating during sober May. Because I am going to be bored as shit! 

How are all of you?