Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random things that do not make a whole post, but still need to be said.

Krackle got hit by a car. I repeat, Krackle got hit by a car. In Hawaii. She is fine, but very very sore. And, you know, SHE GOT HIT BY A CAR. Onlookers said she flew in the air before hitting the ground. FLEW. IN. THE. AIR. I could not go on without Krackle, so therefore, I am taking up money to buy her a bubble. A car proof bubble.


My dogs like to wear clothes. Yes, I think it is cute as well. But, literally, you get out their sweaters/sweatshirts for the winter and they dance around your feet until you put them on. If they hated them, I would NEVER make them wear them. I admit, though, I am glad they like them. So, Kobi has a hoodie that is too big, so you have to adjust it for his weedler so he can pee. Shorty's sweater was argyle and adorable, but had a hole and eventually just unraveled. So, it was time to procure new dog clothes. The boy picked out Kobi's, a bad to the bone black hoodie. I picked out Shorty's, another argyle sweater.

They arrived today. Dog parent fail. The skulls on Kobi's hoodie have princess crowns on them. Shorty's sweater is pink. Apparently, when asked to choose between blue and black, they mean blue and pink. It is pink. I HATE PINK. So, since we are not made of money, they are wearing their new clothes until they wear out or the boy revolts and buys them manly clothes, because he is having a hard time with crowns, pink, and penises all rolled into one.


I love, love, love, love, love Converse. I used to own a pair of classic Chucks but they were demolished over time. I bought a pair of Airwalk knock offs to replace them, but it never quite felt the same. Yesterday, courtesy of my mommy who loves me, these arrived in the mail:

Kobi approves, in a disapproving kind of way.


This week is Restaurant Week, which basically means that locally owned restaurants offer their delicious food on a set menu at a discount price. The boy and I have hit up every Restaurant Week since we have been dating and have never been disappointed. Until tonight. I will not name the restaurant because I am neither a food critic nor a food blogger. But, the food was cold, rice was undercooked, and the short ribs were comparable to pot roast. I am sorry, but short ribs should NEVER be anything like pot roast.

The service was amazing, atmosphere good, but if I am spending $30 a person on a meal, I want to walk away wanting more. I will give it another chance, but for the record, the week you want to wow people is the week you offer discounted menu's. If the food is amazing, guess who is going to come back for special occasions? True, they won't be there every weekend, but you can get another kind of regular. Cold potatoes and undercooked rice just aren't going to cut it.


Big Jed said...

I snorted when I read about the princess crowns on the skulls.

Krackle said...

I want no bubble! Just maybe a car sniffing dog with me at all times to protect me when I feel like staring at my feet is more important then looking both ways.

Bradshaw said...

Restaurant fail. Bummer that it was a disappointment.

whimsy said...

Can I just say how I love that there is a picture of your foot? I don't know why, but I feel like that is a total Erratic thing to do. Oh, and I also how you, like most mothers, are turning your fur children gay. That is all.