Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All work and no play make Erratic a very happy girl

Wow. It has been over a month since I posted. You guys, my bad. That's all I've got. My bad. But if it makes anyone feel any better, it's because I have been busy living life and doing things and overall just positive shit.

So, new job. New job is mother fucking amazing. Not only do they love me, I love them. The restaurant has been opened for about 10 years and has literally never had a kitchen manager. So, I have my work cut out for me, but I love that. I love that I get to put all the policies and procedures in place and fix this shit. I really, really love this job. I feel needed and wanted. I am having a staff meeting a week from today that is going to be a turning point. A lot of people are going to quit and I am OK with that. I will make it work. 

One of my benefits is a free shift drink every shift I work. Unless my boss is there, then it is a free cab ride home because he gets me drunk as fuck. For free. Kind of counterproductive. But, whatever. So, last night I sat after work and drank with one of the servers and a bunch of kitchen staff from a steak house that is around the corner. She basically told me that nobody had any faith in me until they met me and now everyone loves me. And they have total faith that I can fix everything that is wrong. It felt really, really good. Because, I am good at what I do. I may not be the most confident person on earth, but dammit, I am good at what I do.

I am, however, working ALL. THE. TIME. I have been working all night tonight when I realized I needed to post something here. When I'm not there, I am still working on catching up a decade of paperwork and shit that has just been neglected. I am probably making $3 an hour at this point. Thankfully my gay neighbor family helps take care of the Short Dog. Speaking of...

The Short Dog has fleas. Again. I finally just bombed my apartment thinking that maybe I moved into a infestation of some kind. There is no other explanation. He has never had fleas. My neighbor has a very poorly taken care of dog, so I am thinking they are coming from his apartment? I don't know. I am over mother fucking fleas. This poor dog has been through hell these past few months. I just want him to be better!

So that is what's up with me. Work, work, more work and fleas. How are all of you? I miss being here. I promise to return soon.