Saturday, January 2, 2010

The post where I say light fixture seven times.

The boy had to go into work today and I sat at home on the couch debating whether to be productive or nap and decided to just drink and play on the Internet.

I get an email with the below picture from the boy.
The email simply says, "Do you like them?"

I responded with the only response possible in this situation: "Why do you have a pile of light fixtures?"

He responded with what I am sure he deemed a very logical answer to my question. They are the owner of his company's light fixtures.

That explains it! I am sure you can all picture the totally and utterly blank look on my face at this point. I respond, "That really doesn't make it any less weird that you sent me a picture of a pile of light fixtures."

Nothing. No response. Hrm. I try again.

"Why did you ask if I liked the light fixtures? What is going on at your office?"

Crickets are chirping in my head I am so confused by the picture. I am getting frustrated at his lack of response, because, at this point, I HAVE TO KNOW WHY HE SENT ME THAT PICTURE.


He finally responds! The owner of his company is giving them away. I actually smacked myself in the forehead. Of course he is! Why else would anyone send a picture of a pile of light fixtures?

"That information would have been helpful 15 minutes ago. Do we need light fixtures?"

No, in fact, we do not.

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