Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This post makes little to no sense.

Have you ever been so tired you were wide awake? That is where I am at now. Last night, I stayed up far too late, so I was dragging before the day even started. Then cooking in Kitchen today was like trying to train my dog to get me a beer - impossible.

The first thing out of the cricket squad's mouths? "OK, Erratic, what do we do first?" It made me stabby. Am I allowed to give fellow students time out? Or at least roll up a newspaper, smack them on the nose, and say, "NO!"?

Then I went to work and was on my own for the first time, which I was excited about. Except that the host double sat me at every seating and the guy who was supposed to be shadowing me was busy eating everything on the line the chef would let him touch. And we were out of EVERY flavor of ice cream except sugar free ass and sherbet.

I never knew that was how you spelled sherbet. Huh. It appears I learned something today.

So, anyway, tired. My feet feel like every single tendon running from the middle of my foot out to my toes is on fire. And my back is so sore I downed 2 muscle relaxers and am working on a nice buzz to accompany them.

The work is, different. After years of sitting behind a desk and being mentally exhausted, the physical exhaustion feels good. I mean, good in the way your body feels after a workout. You want to start chopping off body parts, but are too tired to get the bone saw. Or you don't own a bone saw because that is creepy. Is a bone saw a real thing?

I might be a serial killer who owns a bone saw.

And just now, my nose started whistling. Who does this actually happen to? Me.

This post feels like that conversation where you have been talking for 10 minutes and think, "Where am I going with this?"

Nowhere, that is more medicated blog posting...


whimsy said...

Girl, didn't we talk about the whole serial killer thing? Do we really want to start that again?

OK, now to someone who doesn't know that would read that you were once a murderer, now aren't, but reconsidering taking up the old mantle. That's not really the case people...or is it? (Dum dum dum!)

Bradshaw said...

Keep the faith! Your dog could still eventually be trained to get you a beer. It could happen!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for it to.