Monday, November 1, 2010

Someone who has made my life hell or treated me like shit.

I am in this ethics class at school right now and the professor is kind of brilliant. He talks about how our brains are trained wrong. For example, we have been trained to respect other people's opinions and that an opinion can't be right or wrong. So, he said it was his opinion that the best way to stay physically fit was to blindfold yourself and run across the highway at rush hour. That is just ridiculous and obviously wrong. That is the best way to get dead, which is the opposite of physically fit. Opinions can be wrong and while we shouldn't go around shouting that people are wrong, we should educate ourselves to know when someone is wrong, rather than just respectfully accepting what others say. 

He also said that the when we want someone out of our lives, an ex or a toxic friend, we say we never want to talk about them and never want to see them again. Except we keep talking about how we don't want to talk about them and we keep asking people if they are talking about or to them. Our focus becomes that person even though our goal is to eliminate them from our lives. It made a lot of sense to me because I do just this. 

So, while I thought about people that who made my life hell or people who treated me like shit, why talk about them? Why continue to let them affect me?

That may be a cop out and I'm sorry. But, I think it's a pretty awesome idea to just let those people fade away. 

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Josey said...

Amen. I'm doing my best to do just this as well!