Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Break

Remember that one time where I said I had a shit ton of emails? That number is up to 2024. I can't stay on top of anything. I read blogs from my phone, making it stupid hard for me to comment and I feel like an ass hole. I get text messages at hours that are not appropriate for most adults to be awake. I often don't return them. Emails? I skim them and look for familiar names. I hope nothing important hits my spam filter. I log on to Twitter and I have thousands of new tweets. 

It feels like social media is stabbing me in the face.

Don't get me wrong, I am not giving it up. I am not throwing in the towel. 

There are people who read this blog who have come to mean something to me. Some of them I think have already given up, which is fine. I am not going to hold that against anyone. The content here has been, well, less than adequate. But, this space still means something to me. And those of you that are still out there...I am hoping you'll stay. 

19 weeks until I go on my externship. 19 weeks until classes end and my culinary career begins. I promise to share all of that with you. I promise to tell the hilarious stories that are my life. I promise not to let this die.

So, I took a one post break from my 30 days of truth (ha - gotcha!) to tell you that.

Happy Halloween and trick or treat or some shit. If it weren't for Facebook, I wouldn't even know it was Halloween. And that is just plain sad.


Bradshaw said...

Everyone needs a break, yo. No worries.

Josey said...

I totally get that - I've already stepped back from Twitter & Facebook, and I'm trying to pare down my blog reading. Now that I'm not working in an office, I'm spending way too much of my free time reading blogs. Hang in there hon!