Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something people compliment me on

People compliment me on weird things. Like, my hair. I have naturally curly hair that I pretty much just let air dry most days. Since it is naturally curly, it is also kind of oily, so I have that shiny hair thing going on too. So, yeah, my hair. I have had men tell me I have great hair. Straight men. 

I personally hate it. I would much rather have straight hair, but I make do with my white girl afro.

I also get compliments on my skin a lot. I don't wear make up really at all. (I know, I am just the image of fashion with my air dried hair and make-up-less face.) I hate my skin because my face is always red. ALWAYS. I don't have high blood pressure or any other valid reason for always having a red face. My mom is the same way. Fucking genetics.

It's funny how the things that people envy are also the things we hate about ourselves. I would much rather someone say I have pretty eyes than nice hair, but, nope. Nice hair and skin is about it, kids.


Big Jed said...

You have pretty eyes.

whimsy said...

I, personally, like your boobs. I'm sure the Boy doesn't mind them either.