Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Giraffes are my hero.

It's like the boy doesn't know I am going to immediately scream "I WANT A BABY GIRAFFE" as soon as I see this picture.

You're welcome. Now you all want a baby giraffe.

Yes, that is my intro to the letter I am supposed to write to a hero who let me down. Here's the thing...people let you down. Everyone eventually lets you down. And that is OK. That is life. Nobody is infallible or perfect. I don't have a hero, per se. I have people I look up to for certain reasons, but it's not like any one person is ideal to me. There is not a person whose life I admire so much as to call them a hero. I mean, we could delve into the fantasy world here and I could name fictional people, but that's not really the point, right? The point is to say that X person in my life did Y and now I am disappointed because I expected X to be better than that. Meh. That's not fair. A hero to me is someone who does the right thing and still remains true to themselves. A hero is someone who sacrifices everything for something or someone else. A hero is someone who stands up and says yes when everyone else is saying no. I am not going to be let down when that person gets drunk and pukes on their shoes. Or dings a parked car with their door. Or calls off work when they really aren't sick. 

People have faults and people let you down. That's life. Being able to forgive the let downs is heroic. Being able to overcome the bad and still love the good is much more important than idolizing someone because they fit some stereotype of heroism. 

(Now scroll back up and look at the baby giraffe. See - I'm not heartless!) 

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