Monday, November 15, 2010

Something people never compliment me on.

My patience. Dear Lord, my patience. You can't compliment someone on something that they have absolutely zero of. Can't get a knot out of a necklace? I will probably try for, oh, a nanosecond and then just deem the necklace a lost cause and never wear it again. Can't get the dog to learn to shake? I will work with him for, oh, a nanosecond and then give up entirely declaring him too stupid to get it.

I want to be patient. I really, really do. I want to be that person that spends an hour getting the knot out of the necklace and then proudly wears it as a sign of their accomplishment. I want to be the person who spent hours teaching the dogs tricks. I will never be that person. Ever. 

I also want things RIGHT NOW. Say, for example, I am aware that there is a present for me in my immediate vicinity. I will follow the giver of the gift around saying "give it to me" until they either give it to me or render me unconscious. I don't want to wait until the appropriate time. I want it right the fuckity fuck now.

The part I really hate about my impatience is it keeps me from learning new things because I don't have the patience to get good at them. It's why I have never played sports. It is why I have few hobbies and why I rarely try new things. I wish I was different, but it takes patience to change. Kind of a catch-22.

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Bradshaw said...

I can relate to this. My patience is inversely proportional to the amount I want something. The more I want it, the less patient I am to get it.

Also, I caught up to you on this 30 Days thing. I feel accomplished, in some weird way.