Sunday, November 28, 2010

Something I can't live without.

I am leaving the someone out of this post title because, frankly, I am sick of saying over and over again that I don't feel that way about people. 

Anywho...the thing I could not live without is books. Truly. I use books as a way to escape from reality, a way to kill time, an outlet for my imagination. I don't just read books, I fall into them. I have been known to stay up until 4:00 am reading because I couldn't put a book down. I have never tried to live without books, so I am sure I am capable of doing it. But, dammit, I don't want to. I love my pets, the people in my life, my job. I need books. I need that release into a world that isn't mine, contemplating other people's problems, crying at their losses and cheering at their success. 

A lot of people love movies this way and I just don't really care for movies all that much. I don't watch them over and over like I read books. Television doesn't really entertain me, I am almost always doing something else while it is on. I rarely sit in front of the television and watch it. With books, I imagine what the author is describing. It seems to easy to just see it in front of me.

My Kindle is well used and I will always love the smell of a library book. I will always choose physical books over electronic, although the convenience does lure me more often than not. 

I have read the Harry Potter series more times than I am willing to admit. I love books from High School English like Catch-22 and Invisible Man. I recently fell in love with Stieg Larsson's books, although was slightly upset when I found out the movies were subtitled. Watched the first one anyway. I just bought The Origin of the Species and am so excited to read it. 

The only book I have ever put down without finishing is Angels and Demons, because, seriously, it reads like the obituaries. I finish everything I start and very very rarely do not find some quality I like about a book.

I honestly think that my life wouldn't be the same without books and it is not something I am willing to live without.

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Bradshaw said...

When the 7th HP came out, I was in line waiting for it at midnight. And then I didn't go to sleep to finish it. Took me 7 hours. I recently reread it so I could judge the movie more harshly (yeah, I'm a book purist).

All that is to say....yet again, I agree wholeheartedly with you. :)