Monday, November 15, 2010

A band that has gotten me through tough times

I know, two in one day. But, I have the day off. I have to use the time that I can. So, here is my letter to a band that has gotten me through some tough times.

Dear Pearl Jam,

You provided an outlet for my teenage anger and showed me that all of those feelings were normal. While my friends were listening to Dave Mathews Band and getting stoned, I was drinking Vodka and screaming "Porch." I have never been a glass half full kind of person and have always hated music that promoted holding hands and swaying. Just not my thing. You guys gave me music that spoke to me.

When I was 16, my best friend thought I was a lesbian because the lyrics to "Black" were written on my comically over-sized desk calendar. "Her legs spread out before me, as her body lay still" became a running joke. "Rearview Mirror" is still my breakup song of choice and can only be played at deafening volume. "Corduroy" will always and forever be my favorite song. I have a song for every single mood.

"Not For You" - pissed
"Wishlist" - pensive
"Off He Goes" - sad/lonely
"Indifference" - failure

You get the point.

As I have gotten older, the meaning of the songs have changed and my love has grown. Not only are you a great band, but you are good people. Unique people. People that do what they think is right and stand by the people they believe in. People I would love to sit and have a beer with.

I will always want to do Eddie Vedder, no matter how old he gets.


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