Sunday, March 14, 2010


I like dark, angry music. The kind of music that parents send their kids to therapy for listening to. The kind of music that typically requires trench coats and eye liner and piercings and a general dislike and distrust of society. The kind of people who shoot lots of other people from towers. I know that this is being stereotypical, but whatever. I like the music too.

I am genuinely a nice person. I really am. But, I have a lot of anger and hate too and I think that the music is a healthy outlet for that. I can't stand happy, let's hold hands and love music. Does this make sense? Because I sort of feel like I am making no sense here because how do you explain your entire personality in a blog post? Anyway, the reason I am writing this is because this song is, like, me. I think things like this. I have written poetry that is very similar to this. And I can't stop listening to this song. But, I felt the need to forewarn all of you because nobody is singing Kumbaya and I didn't want you all to send out some sort of alert to all clock towers. It's just rare that a song hits me like this and, you know, sharing and all.

by Slipknot

Bury all your secrets in my skin
Come away with innocence and leave me with my sins
The air around me still feels like a cage
And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again

So if you love me let me go
And run away before I know
My heart is just too dark to care
I can't destroy what isn't there

Deliver me into my fate
If I'm alone, I cannot hate
I don't deserve to have you
Ooo, my soul was taken long ago
If I can change, I hope I never know

I still press your letters to my lips
And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss
I couldn't face a life without your lights
But all of that was ripped apart when you refused to fight

So, save your breath I will not care
I think I made it very clear
You couldn't hate enough to love
Is that supposed to be enough?

I only wish you weren't my friend
Then I could hurt you in the end
I never claimed to be a saint
Ooo, my own was banished long ago
It took the death of hope to let you go

So break yourself against my stones
And spit your pity in my soul
And never needed any help
You sold me out to save yourself

And I won't listen to your shame
You ran away, you're all the same
Angels lie to keep control
Ooo, my love was punished long ago
If you still care, don't ever let me know
If you still care, don't ever let me know

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Bradshaw said...

Love Slipknot.

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you do as well.