Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alice in...oh, sorry, I nodded off.

By reader request (OK, just Krackle) my review of Alice in Wonderland.


That is my review. It was 3D. It was Tim Burton. It was my favorite book from my childhood. I had some pretty high expectations. I fell asleep. Literally, nodded off. The story moved like watching paint dry. The special effects were not nearly as cool as Avatar, even though they were hyped to be way better.

Johnny Depp's character was fucking bad ass. He, along with the rest of his "tea party" made the movie. Without them, I probably would have hated it.

I enjoyed the costume design. I enjoyed the movie visually, I did. But, I seriously felt like the girl who played Alice was on tranquilizers. She was just always like, oh, something is happening. Hm. That is weird. And...scene.

So, my recommendation? If you are going to see this movie, bring a book. Or play games on your phone. Or find something to entertain you other than the movie. Or wait until it comes out on DVD. It is not worth it to go see the special effects in 3D. Like, at all. If you want to see a bad ass 3D movie, go see Avatar. Seriously. That movie is like a visual orgasm. Alice in Wonderland is like a bad first date.

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