Sunday, October 2, 2011

Random Food Pictures

Every time we sat down to eat a meal, we were halfway done before we remembered to take pictures of it! I was pissed because, well, I want to remember the food too! We mostly ate at the condo, grilling out. Here are some cilantro-lime chicken things with herb marinated grilled potatoes. An awesome way to cook potatoes, by the way. They get crispy like potato chips with that charred, grilled flavor.

We also stumbled upon this amazing little restaurant called Tijuana Flats that was cafe style food, but delicious. They had a hot sauce bar with like 30 different hot sauces you could try, most of which they made in house. Awesome place. It is a chain that I hope makes it's way to Ohio.

Yes, I had already started eating when I remembered to take the picture. The next three are from my birthday dinner at Emeril's. We actually had our camera with us for this one, but the lighting was shitty and it was hard to get photos that weren't washed out. So, I apologize for the quality, but the food had to be remembered. It was some good stuff.

Roasted asparagus salad with seared tuna. The white spot is frisee. It was absolutely amazing. The perfect combination of warm and cold and bitter and sweet. I would have married this salad and tiny little tuna-asparagus babies with it.

Andouille crusted red fish with shoe string potatoes and roasted patty pan squash. You guys. This, just, no. It was so freaking good. The sauce was smoky and the fish was delicate. 

This was the boy's dish, a BOA flatbread. Bacon, onion, and arugula. The bacon was smoked boar bacon and it was phenomenal. Out of this world, best bacon I have ever had, would also have little tiny boar shaped bacon with it. I need to stop procreating with food...


The Boy said...

The Bacon came from the boar's cheek. :D

Krackle said...

I like stuff.