Thursday, October 6, 2011

New, New New, and Old no more.

Today I quit old job. Or got fired. I can't be sure which one. Let me explain. I work a position called linebacker which is the bane of all existence everywhere. It is stressful and demanding and nobody wants to do it. It is almost all I have done since I started there. All I wanted was to be on the line. There have been conversations about this with managers that got nowhere. This has led me to have a less than stellar attitude towards things, which has led to me being pulled aside multiple times about said attitude. An attitude, mind you, that would be acceptable in ANY OTHER KITCHEN ON EARTH. I get yelled at for swearing. Anywho, I attempted to talk to them last night about scheduling me to close 5 nights a week doing nothing but linebacking AGAIN and got into yet another little tiff about it. I called in today and one thing led to another, there may have been some raised voices, but I was hung up on after telling them I was not coming back. It was not the mature way to handle things. I lost my temper. I was fed up. I hated it there. BUT GOD IT FELT GOOD.

I guess this is both the positive and the negative of this industry; you don't stay in one job long and it is easy to walk away. You won't find many linecooks that stay in a place more than a year and I lasted 15 months. Barely. I was unhappy and the responsible thing would have been to replace the income first. I realize this. But, that is another great thing about this industry...the jobs are a dime a dozen because most people just walk out one day and never come back.

So, off to find a new, new job. Hopefully one I like as much as new job. This is getting confusing.


Josey said...

Phew, well I'm happy you're out of a job you never liked anyway!

The cooks at my job have been there 8+ years (line cooks all at least 3 years). Craziness - and definitely rare!

Good luck finding a new, better paying job that you can swear at! :)

Erratic said...

Maybe I need to move! I have met a handful of people that work at one place for a long period of time, but mostly, line cooks hop around. I would love to find a place I am loyal to, which I think is new job. They just don't pay enough!

Big Jed said...

Good riddance to the old! I know that place made you miserable and you won't have a problem finding a new gig.