Thursday, October 20, 2011

The sound of frustration

I am watching a 30 year friendship unravel. I can't tell the story here, it is not my story to tell. My heart is breaking for both of them. I am angry with both of them. I only understand one side because only one of them is speaking to me. To us. To all of us. 

I want to scream at her, to tell her to just talk to us. I want to tell her to stop alienating everyone. I want to tell her to stop playing games on fucking Facebook and talk to a human being.

But, I can't.

30 years of memories. 

And it is all unraveling. I want to spill all the words of this story so you can all tell me what to do. I want to say everything I was sworn to secrecy about. I want to fix this.

It is not mine to fix. 

I am helpless and frustrated. 

And my mother fucking finger hurts.


Big Jed said...

You're right.... you can't fix it. They are both making their own decisions. It's sad.

My word verification is "ameeping." Prophetic?

Josey said...

Ugh.. that's rough. Just step away from the drama - there's nothing you can do, and it's just making you feel worse. Hang in there hon.

Krackle said...

Who?? What, what? I know, none of my biz-nes, but I am curious Krackle. *sigh*