Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things I don't miss about working in an office

  1. Theme Days....Hawaiin shirt day, funny hat day, wear your pajamas to work day, accidentally stab your boss in the face day.
  2. Pooling money to get so and so a gift, even though you do not like them or think they deserve getting a gift in the first place.
  3. Potlucks. I prefer to see the kitchen my food is cooked in. Or at least know that the health department is regulating it. Also, no, your buffalo chicken dip is not OUT OF THIS WORLD. It tastes like Frank's Red Hot and canned chicken.
  4. Sitting at a desk all day. Ugh. Never again.
  5. Huddles, Pow Wow's, or any other inane short team meeting thrown together by your boss to motivate you to really get shit done that week. 
  6. Conference calls. Holy. Shit. Conference Calls. Really, just being on the phone in general.
  7. The constant restructuring and moving and restructuring and know, fancy for we want to pay our CEO a ton of money and figure out a way for you to work for virtually free.
  8. Working for the man. Ooh. I hate the man.
  9. Email Forwards. I get virtually no email forwards. Nobody is asking me to fill out surveys. Nobody is forwarding me that stupid woman, Maxine, and her snarky comments. I AM FORWARD FREEEEEEEE.
  10. Office Politics. Enough Said.
This was all inspired by a former coworker posting a picture of "crazy shirt day" at my old work. I almost stabbed myself repeatedly in the throat at the thought of ever having to do something like that again. Some days (mostly the ones when I pay bills) I question my decision...most days...not even a little.

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