Saturday, October 8, 2011


  1. I worked a 14 hour day with no breaks. I took 5 minutes to "smoke" so I could sit down outside and get some fresh air. Oh, and I peed twice. Holy long day, batman.
  2. People from old, old job are contacting me on Facebook and texting me trying to make me feel guilty. Not going to work. Not going to happen. Nuh uh.
  3. I drank a beer in the shower tonight. It was perfection.
  4. New, now Old, Job just offered me a full time position. What, what? That means I don't need to find a full time job, but rather a part time job just a few days a week.
  5. I have 105 unread blogs. AFTER I deleted all the shit that I just sort of peruse. This is the good stuff, the stuff I read several times and can't wait to read. That is probably the most I have ever had. We won't talk about my 3960 unread emails. Time to clean that shit out.
  6. The Big Bang Theory is back on. Life feels complete again.
  7. Bradshaw blew my shit up tonight. Blew. It. Up. I send her twitter account to my phone...38 text messages when I got out of work. I wish I had the dedication to tweet that much. I don't.
  8. I may or may not have cut off part of my finger again. Mostly, I did. No hospital visit required, though.
  9. The guys at work STILL don't get that I am not a typical girl. They asked me today if it was cool to tap me on the hip to signal they needed to get into the cooler in front of me. I was like, um, really? You are not tapping me on my vag. You are not grabbing my boob. I think we're good. Sometimes there just isn't time to say it. I get it. 
  10. The chef at work rolled his car last night driving home from work. The police said "at least twice" although he doesn't remember anything. He is in the hospital, but doing well. Today was a little crazy trying to run around and make up for being a person short AND trying to make sure he was OK. Thankfully he was cleared by Neuro and they think everything is superficial. Whew!
It was a weird day. One that I am happy to say is over. The weekend is here.


Bradshaw said...

You did remember the Cards were playing tonight, right? To get into the NLCS? Of COURSE I Tweeted a lot. I was nearly hyperventilating at one point!

I don't even feel bad. :P

Big Jed said...

Beer in the shower is some goooood shit. Real good.

Tell the people from old old job to suck it. You learned enough from extremely old job about being made to feel guilty. It's for suckers.

I hope your chef is okay.

Josey said...

I refuse to send Bradshaw's tweets to my phone anymore - she is crazy shit around sporting event times. :)

Sometimes you just need to "mark all as read" and go from there. Just sayin'

That's funny about the guys - at least they're being respectful I guess?? The Mexicans I work with have gotten to the point that every time I walk through the kitchen they're touching my belly and asking broken English questions about the's kinda cute, kinda weird. At least we're all comfortable with each other I guess??

Scary about your chef - glad he's okay!