Monday, October 3, 2011

Air Boat Ride

One of the days we spent at the pool, we also went on an airboat ride, which was a pretty cool experience. We forgot the camera, hence the delay in the pictures because they were on our phones. This was about an hour from our hotel, so it was in the middle of nowhere and beautiful!

 View of the Wetlands. Ignore that crazy bitches hair (note: she is me)
 Bird. I don't have much else here. Just bird.
 Another bird, but this dude was really, really rare. You can be fined if you scare him while he is eating. He only eats snails.
Air boats!
 Baby gators. 
 Dude holding a baby gator. I also held him later, but you know, anonymous and all. I did not include that picture. Apparently, I don't care if this guy remains anonymous.
Weird tree. I liked it.

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