Friday, October 14, 2011

This one has words, yo.

This isn't wordless. It is typed with a very band aided finger. Yay for padding!

Today was a weird ass day. Part of my new schedule is to work a double on Friday. Or part of my new schedule new schedule is less of a schedule and more of a general bitch. With our chef out until next week, he asked one of his friends to step in. This guy has been executive chef at some very nice restaurants here in town. And we are all sitting around and talking, when it hits me. I am by far the least experienced person here. BY. FAR. Yes, I started later in life, but still. These people are so comfortable in a kitchen it almost makes me uncomfortable. I have two thoughts.


Slink into the corner and feel ashamed of your lack of experience. 

I do neither of these. Rather, I do the only thing I know how in this situation. I make several inappropriate comments, laced with expletives, get them laughing and realize that they are people just like me. Everyone has to start somewhere. I am pretty fucking lucky to be working with some of the people I do. With absolutely no experience and a culinary degree. 

Sometimes you get to be the best. Sometimes you get to be the worst. I feel like being the worst right now is the best thing I could ever do for my culinary career.

And, just for good measure, after I got cut early because we were dead, I texted them all a photo of the beer I was drinking. You know, to rub it in. Suckers.

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