Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get your very short news updates here!

I am full of news! Except I can't type! So it is going to be a very short blog post. We will begin with why I can't type. I got my finger caught in a meat slicer at work. Let's just say it is a good thing it was too dull to cut through bone. Or I would be missing the entire top joint of my right pointer finger. I will not be posting pictures of this one because, guys, gross. It is really really gross. There will be a very deformed, scarred finger in my future. 7 stitches. On my finger! 

In happier news, Krackle gave birth to Krackle Jr II today. He looks exactly like his big sister did at his age. Also, he is huge! 8 lbs 6 oz! I got to go and hold him today, and despite the incessant pooping, I am head over heels in love. LOVE. I am so happy for the Krackle family!  A friend of mine from high school gave birth to twins about 15 minutes after Krackle, so I woke to Facebook plastered with newborn pics. It was kind of awesome.

That just took like 20 minutes to type. Ugh. Maybe it will be wordless, let my finger heal, week.

UPDATE: I totally forgot the biggest news of all! A restaurant critic came in today and had the soup and said it was the best he has ever had at our restaurant. AND I MADE IT. Sorry to be a giant dork, but it was huge. I almost jumped up and down.

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Josey said...

Yikes, glad you didn't lose the finger. Ew.

Congrats on the good review - that's huge!

Congrats to Krackle as well!