Monday, December 13, 2010

Why I think I am alive today.

I skipped the playlist one because, frankly, I don't care. I couldn't think of someone I could make a playlist for because NONE of my friends have the same taste in music that I do, so they would hate every playlist I put together. And I just didn't feel like doing it. And it's my blog and I'll skip if I want to. Yes, this just turned into a temper tantrum.

So, I am alive today because I am alive today. I mean, this is just a stupid question. I have never considered suicide or been close to death in anyway. I have been sick enough to wish I was dead a few times, but not seriously. So, reasons I am still alive.

  1. I have not been hit by a bus.
  2. Aliens did not abduct me and things did not go horribly wrong during the anal probing.
  3. I did not become a suicide bomber.
  4. I did not trip and impale myself on anything.
  5. I did not strangle myself a little too hard during sex.
  6. There was someone there willing to shove the needle into my heart (yeah, Pulp Fiction)
  7. I did not get gunned down at a toll booth (yes, now I am just stealing from movies)
  8. Snape didn't cast the killing curse on me.
  9. I did not run upstairs instead of out of the house when the call came from inside the house.
  10. I'm not dead


Krackle said...

I needed that giggle LOL

Bradshaw said...

Yeah, I just snorted. Awesome.

And now I want to watch the Godfather.