Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Something I wish I hadn't done

This is bitter sweet for me. I have always wished that I didn't drop out of Ohio State when I was 18. I have always wished that I followed that through and got my degree in criminal psychology. However...I am not sure where that would have led me and it is hard to wish away the life I have now. I was young and stupid and way more into smoking weed than I was college. 

But, I am happy with my life. I am happy that I am just months away from graduating from culinary school. I am happy that I am becoming a chef. If I had graduated from Ohio State with a degree in criminal psychology...I would be working for the police force in some way. A very far cry from what I am doing now. And much less of a good fit. A fascination with serial killers does not a cop make. Yes, I just said that.

I think everything happens for a reason. I think that I was lost and lacking ambition for a reason. It led me to work my ass off for the man for years, realizing that I do not ever want to work for a corporation again. It led me to culinary school, to my locally owned, locally operated organic restaurant. It led me to find satisfaction in a career I never expected.

So, while that is probably my biggest regret, I think it was also one of the best things to ever happen to me. 

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