Sunday, February 28, 2010

See, I'm not making this whole chef thing up!

I am actually being productive today, which is pretty rare for a Sunday. I am making vegetable stock and finishing up my sister's bridal shower invitations AND blogging. I should get some kind of productivity award.

So, last weekend, I did a catering event at my parent's house for school. The whole premise was that we create a menu for a school project. We then had to have photographs of the food, so, we made the food and did a tasting for some family and friends. Tini and 2 of my other fellow culinarians were there helping out. All in all, I would say it was a success. It was our first time doing something like this and our timing sucked. But, the food rocked. And since there are many of you that do not know me in person and therefore have never tasted anything I have cooked, I wanted to share some of the photographs here. Enjoy!

Caesar Salad with homemade dressing and croutons

Consomme Colbert

Vichysoisse (a cold potato and leek soup)

Wilted Lettuce Salad

Chicken Tikkas with Cilantro Mint Chutney

Risotto Portobello

Braised Short Ribs served over Celery Root Puree

Seared Scallop with Tomato Buerre Blanc

And below is a Caramel Apple Napoleon. Blogger is being difficult, so the caption is going above it.


whimsy said...

I know how this is for me, so I'm assuming that it's the same way for you, but whenever I say "vichyssoise" I always follow it up with "a cold potato-leek soup". I think that we're just awesome that way.

Let me know how school goes tomorrow.

Bradshaw said...

Looks fabulous. Want to come live in my kitchen forever? I'm trying to convince Alton Brown to do the same, so you'd have a buddy. What do you think?

Erratic said...

Sure. What do you pay?

Bradshaw said...

Pay? Um, in snuggles? Or beer? You'd get to live with Alton Brown woman! Be reasonable. :)

Big Jed said...

Oooooh, the scallops... Ooooh, the short ribs..... Ooooh, the wilted salad...... Thanks for the recap. I'm sitting at work drooling.

Erratic said...

Oh, I am totally fine with being paid in beer. :)