Monday, February 1, 2010

Road Rage

So, texting while driving. Yes, there are times when I am driving down the road and think of something hilarious that I must tweet. And I try my very hardest to remember it, but by the time I am at a stoplight or somewhere safe to text, I have forgotten it and end up tweeting something along the lines of "trees are weird." Yes, that sucks. Because the original tweet was AWESOME. The reason I do not tweet while driving at 70 mph down the highway is because I value my life. I am so fucking sick of almost dying because some moron is too busy tweeting LOL to their BFF while driving.

Also? If you miss your exit, the appropriate response is to drive to the next exit and turn around. It is not to screech to a stop in the middle of the highway. Or to drive on a median. Or to pull on the side of the road and go in reverse.

And if you have a "W" bumper sticker, that is why I am purposefully driving like a jack ass. You should expect about 7 more years of this behavior.

1 comment:

Bradshaw said...

I really have nothing productive to say besides you make me laugh. So thanks for that.