Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Seriously, I am not anti-semitic. Nor is the boy.

Since I am in school all day and work at night, the boy has been preparing the meals in the Erratic household. And he has been doing a really awesome job. Seriously. I am not even being sarcastic. He has totally stepped up to the plate around here and I have completely failed at being a productive member of this household. I will one day figure out a way to balance this full time school/work/life thing. One day.

I got home from work tonight and the boy had made pot roast, baked potatoes, and mixed vegetables.

"The meat is a little dry. It needs some A Jew."

"It needs what?"

"A Jew."

"You mean Au Jus?"

"Yeah, A Jew."

"Honey, I seriously hope that we are not eating meat covered in a Jewish person."

"Oh, hahaha. I meant Aww Juss."


whimsy said...

I just died. Thank you. Good luck being codependent with a dead person.
Besides, didn't we already decide that if it were Jewish AND a food that it would suck? I mean, seriously, think about my Jewballs. Think about them.

Bradshaw said...

Oh my god, you will not believe me when I tell you this. My friend Hawk? Said the SAME EXACT THING ONCE. Not kidding.

Brutalism said...

This is not related at all, except that it has to do with Jews.

I was at a bodega once with my friend in NYC, in line behind a couple of Hasidic Jews...and for some reason, discussing "Pirates Booty" snack food...that can be purchased at Trader Joe's. Apparently, the power of suggestion was great and I exclaimed loudly to my friend, "Oh, I LOVE Trader JEWS."

Hasidic Jews turned around and looked at me and I slowly melted into the floor...