Monday, February 15, 2010

Fuck you, snow. Fuck you.

I have said that phrase, oh, a million times in the past few weeks. The snow will not stop. I refuse to use the stupid ass catch phrases the media is coming up with like snowpocalypse, but can someone PLEASE remind the universe that I live in Ohio. Not Montana or Minnesota or Canada or Alaska or some other place that is prepared for this. OHIO.

Almost every single school district is already closed tomorrow, and it is not even 8:30 pm yet. They expect this to continue through tomorrow morning with an additional 4 plus inches of accumulation. We had 18 on the ground when this mess started this afternoon. I will let you guess how much we have now.

(I originally intended to insert the picture here, but Blogger has rebelled due to the MOTHER FUCKING SNOW so you get the picture at the top. I thank you in advance for scrolling up to look at the path and saying "awww...doggie foot prints")

OHIO. CENTRAL OHIO. And, yes, that is a little path plowed around the table so that the dogs can freely bark at the neighbors and just run a muck in general. They have a lot of pent up energy seeing as we can't leave the house to walk them because OH MY FUCKING GOD THE SNOW.

On a somewhat related "To Catch a Predator" note, the TV just informed me that Paige's Playhouse is closed tomorrow. Is anyone else concerned that this place was ever open? I don't care what you are actually selling...that place just has danger written all over it. And self gratification in XXX movie theaters.

Edit: I thought this was exaggerated, but just heard from Big Jed who drove by it, over FORTY cars involved in an accident on 71. FORTY MOTHER FUCKING CARS. Backed up for 20 plus miles. I am so happy I am home and that nobody was seriously injured. According to the news, people have been in traffic for 6 hours or more. Seriously, snow, seriously.


Bradshaw said...

Do me a favor and make a snow angel. For me. K? K.

Erratic said...

I will. For you. But? But! I hate snow. So, when I inevitably find you and make you drink with me, you owe me a beer.

Bradshaw said...

Done and done. :)

Krackle said...

My feet are cold just looking at that picture.