Monday, February 8, 2010

I am going to need a lot of drugs and a lot of luck.

I am so nervous. The I will never sleep tonight, there is not enough Xanax in the world to calm me down nervous. The leadership society at school is called the Red Neckerchief Society, or as we all say, The Red Necks. They are elected by their class and they make up what is essentially a student counsel. Each class has two Red Necks. I found out last week that I was tied with another classmate for the second Red Neck position. I never expected to be in the running. In fact, I am fairly certain that people who are good friends of mine did not vote for me.

I know that I would be good at this, but I am not "popular." I don't fit that mold of the person everyone likes and wants to be friends with. I am OK with this, I am not 17. I did not attend culinary school to make friends. But, I want this. I really, really want this. I want it for my resume, I want it so that I can make a difference in the school. I want to leave my mark somehow on all of this, the way it has left it's mark on me.

When they interviewed me as part of the tie breaker, they talked about charity work and after hours events and I sat there with a stupid grin on my face. I WANT THIS.

I would be OK losing it to a worthy adversary. I would. My adversary is not a leader. He is that person who thinks he is leading, while actually just telling. He demands, he never asks. He belittles, he doesn't coach. He ignores instead of trying to help.

I don't know, maybe he is more deserving. I know that the extra work and responsibility is certainly not something I NEED. But, man, do I want it.

And I have absolutely no idea if I am the one who will get it. Wish me luck, I guess? Or may the best man win or some shit. I so lack that whole competitive edge...


whimsy said...

I voted for you. I promise you that I took a look at that list, found your name immediately and was done. I would be honored for you to be my redneck for the next two weeks. There is only one reason I can think of for you to not get it. You're a democrat. Democrats can't be rednecks; it's in the handbook. I don't think they had this kind of redneck in mind when they wrote the handbook, though.

Erratic said...

Oh, I know you did. I mean, more, like the dumb one. You know.

I WILL NEVER TOUCH AN OPOSSUM. It is in the handbook. In order to abide with the handbook, I will vote to rename the society "the people who wear red around their neck." Or the TPWWRATN.

Pronounce that, bitch.

Bradshaw said...

Dude, you two lost me. Either way, good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Big Jed said...

First off, you said Necker. Second, GOOD LUCK!!!!!

krackle said...