Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Uh Oh. I got angry. And very vague.

I am writing this because I am frustrated. I am thirty years old. I am not a child. I am not stupid. I am capable of making adult decisions ON MY OWN without the assistance of others. Sometimes they may be poor decisions. But you know whose problem that is? MINE. THAT IS MY PROBLEM. Sometimes they are decisions that are best for me in a certain situation. But, the bottom line is that they only effect me. Me alone. And if they do happen to affect someone else, well, that person is OK with them as well. Because I would never make a decision without consulting those that it effects. And I get that people have my best interests in mind. I really do. I get that people are trying to protect me. But, here is the thing. You know who else is trying to protect me? ME. I would never do something that would put me in a position I am not comfortable being in. (Yes, that is indeed, what she said.) And I am just so fucking sick of people questioning everything I do. Yes, I am impulsive and emotional and bat shit fucking crazy sometimes, but I am also rational and responsible and think things through. I AM NOT A SINGLE FUCKING ADJECTIVE. I am made up of a lot of things. And to compare the way I act about, say, what's for dinner, to major life decisions is unfair to me. And frankly, it is fucking insulting. So, if you have no faith in me, then just leave me the fuck alone. Because I have faith in me and I know that I am making the right decision. I don't need your doubt to ruin everything.

Rant over. I had nowhere else to post this, so thank you for listening. Well, reading.

I will now resume the blissful state I was in before my phone rang and ruined it all. Happiness trumps pissed the fuck off.

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Krackle said...

fuck everyone do what you want. You're a grown woman. Girl power. I dunno...seemed appropriate in some weird way.