Friday, April 20, 2012

It truly takes a special kind of person...

I got "promoted" today. I think. Maybe.

Fuck. My work is so fucked.

So, our kitchen staff consists of 8 people. A pastry chef, a baker, a dishwasher, and 5 supervisors. I am now one of those 5 supervisors. 

The dishwasher is not all there. He works 9 - 2 everyday and cleans everything and lives with his grandmother and sometimes I never know what he is saying. I love him. But, he is odd, to say the least. And his meds are frequently talked about but I am too scared to ask.

Our pastry chef is the fucking shit and brilliant and amazing.

Our baker used to be our night dishwasher. He is an old friend who I brought in because he wanted a foot in the door and somehow ended up opening a bakery within our restaurant and...right. Just. Right.

Then there is the rest of us, which is my former 4 bosses and me. Now we are all supervisors. Can't be called a sous chef because, well, that requires a chef. Also, we only supervisor that one dishwasher. So...

I had a long talk with the owner who basically told me that he sees me as his executive chef but wants to me to prove myself among the boys. So, I am tasked with running circles around them for a while. Which is just, yeah. Easy. 

I don't know. It is all very vague. I am now doing all of the special dinners as well. I am doing a wine dinner in May, another in June, and a mead dinner somewhere in between. 

AND I am now a salary employee. And, kids, let me tell you, being salary is not all it is cracked up to be. I am still making below the poverty line and will probably work 60 hours a week. AWESOME. (Kind of awesome, because I love what I do and love the idea of unlimited hours doing it. That's weird, right?)

I sort of feel like that 3 seconds after someone slaps you...except it was 6 hours ago and I still am just like, what the fuck just happened? 

My job sounds so incredibly fucked up and poorly organized and unstructured and I really wish I could tell you that all of those things aren't true. But I can't. 

I really love my job.


Ann said...

So...yay? I'm going to go with Yay.

J.o.s.e.y said...

LOL, I agree with Ann. Yay?!

I'm so glad you love your job. That's not something that most of us are blessed with!

Rachael Heiner said...

Of all the jobs I've had, all the jobs my husband's had, and other family members, there is almost ALWAYS something weird or f'ed up going on. It's just that if you love your job this much, it becomes worth it. So, I agree too - YAY!