Monday, April 2, 2012

Beware: Anger. But, surprisingly few capital letters.

I am having a terrible, terrible day. And I am going to bitch. Because I have already called everyone who loves me enough to let me shout in their ear about how shitty my day was. So, now I am going to type-shout to all of you. Because you love me unconditionally, right? If not, just skip this post. It is going to get angry.

Somebody else got a promotion today that was promised to me. And I just wrote a giant tirade, complete with LOTS OF CAPITAL LETTERS and deleted it. Because that is unprofessional and I am not going to stoop to that level. Let's just say that a person was hired and a sous chef position was created for this person, so I now have FOUR sous chefs above me. There are two line cooks, including me. Now all of you know me enough to know that when I found this out, I had to leave the restaurant so that I could scream and shout and get pissed and cry by the dumpsters. Angry, angry tears. I will let you imagine the words I screamed. Hint: cocksucker was said ALOT. Oh, wait. No. I couldn't do any of that. Because they told me right in the middle of the lunch rush, so I had to do all of this in my head. Cocksucker was still thought a lot. Also, mother fucker. And some very specific death threats. My brain is scary.

I was mean to a coworker and now, in return, I have to wear a fake NASCAR hat with his initials on it in payment. This is how kitchens work. Nobody screams back at you. They wait until you are remorseful and blackmail you.

So, I drove 80 mph home. Screaming at cars. And generally awful. I got home and went for a run. Because, this is what exercise is for. To blow off steam. So, I ran. And it was the best run ever. Until. Oh, until. The children. 

I went around the path once, the kids were taking up the whole path.


"Excuse Me."

"Oh, I'm sorry, they are just so hard to control." Chuckle.

I smiled and went on my merry way. I had to steam to blow off.

I come around again. Same thing. 

A third time this happens and I am no longer smiling.

There is a playground attached to the path. Your kids are playing on the path. Just. No. I'm sorry, but I needed this today and I almost let you ruin it. 

I came home, showered, drove to Kroger, picked up a bottle of Jack, came home, made chicken burritos and immediately began drinking. 

Then I scratched my ear and now it is bleeding. 

And I burned my thumb and now it has a blister.


On a positive note, I am watching last night's family guy and cracking the fuck up. Oh, and I have Jack.  

Thank you for listening and not judging my incessant whining. I just needed to vent. 


Ann said...

Yeah, no. Fuck that. It SUCKS not getting a position that was promised to you. I'm so sorry, my friend. That sucketh.

I hope Jack is treating you nicely. I hope he's nice tomorrow too. <3 you.

J.o.s.e.y said...

I feel like drinking now. Hm.

That fucking sucks about the promotion. Not cool.

Erratic said...

Thanks ladies. You two are the best. :) I have been in tears all night because apparently anger + jack = tears. Who knew? Oh, wait. I knew. This day is terrible. Also...Ann...Jack always treats me well. That is why he is my favorite. :)

Krackle said...

I love you enough to let you call me screaming :) True you may have competition with two children (which is probably why you didn't call) but you could have :)

All I have to say is TOTAL BULLSHIT and call me Wednesday on your way home. xoxoxoxo