Friday, April 6, 2012

Just this moment.

We put in a "final" offer. This is the most we can afford, the most. This is the last offer we will make. I am equal parts ecstatic and having an anxiety attack. Josey brought up a point that we don't want to be house poor and I feel the need to clarify.

This will not clean out our savings, nor will it put us in a situation where we can't pay our bills. We are going to look at things like our $760 a month food budget. WHAT? This is what happens when you live with/ are a chef. You spend ridiculous amounts of money on food. When you could easily just not. And still be happy.  Can I tell you what I can do with a $1 bag of rice, a $1 bag of dried beans and some spices? Because it is amazing and can make 6 meals. I just prefer extravagance. So, the food budget will be re-evaluated. We are also selling my car because I will now walk to work. So will the boy. So, we will have a car sitting out front for when we need to leave the city. Which, hopefully, is rare. 

I am saying that we will be house poor because we will no longer be able to spend whatever we want on whatever we want. We will have to be frugal. I want you guys to be excited, not worried. That is why I am clarifying. Also...can somebody please hold an intervention on our food budget? THERE ARE ONLY TWO OF US. Putting that on paper hurt a little.

On another note, the boy and I sat down at dinner and talked about other options. Options that included renting for a year in a one bedroom apartment (!!!) to save money so we have a larger down payment and thus can afford a slightly more expensive house. He mentioned moving in with my dad and I almost murdered him with a butter knife and a spoon. But, I agreed to consider it. 

Unfortunately where we are now is no longer a healthy situation (the basement leak they won't fix is going to end in mold) nor is it a financially beneficial situation. So, moving on is definitely in the cards. And hopefully this house is how we do that. 

In my head, we have already moved in. I have decorated the house and planned the garden in the back yard. I have planned many food adventures in the cellar. I have already hung art on the walls. I even know where NCH's cat box will be and where the toothbrush will sit on the bathroom sink. (We have one electric toothbrush with two different heads. Is this weird? As I read that previous sentence, it made me think this was weird.)

It will hurt to let this house go, but more than likely, we will. And I am prepared for that too. But, for a moment, just a moment, I am going to sit right here and pretend like this house is ours. 

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J.o.s.e.y said...

LOL, okay, thanks for the explanation.

Two years ago, we were spending $400-500 on groceries, $600-700 on alcohol (bars + liquor stores), and maybe $100 on eating out....each month. Ouch. We've definitely had to make smarter choices about all of that b/c of adding a $1700 mortgage to the plate, but it has 100% been worth it. I hope you get the house!!