Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes I think, I shouldn't even post this. But I always do.

I should just re-tag these posts as "I feel like blogging, but don't really have a complete thought."

  1. I may be a hoarder. There will be a post about this, but I felt you all deserved adequate warning. Don't worry, even Big Jed suspected nothing until I told her yesterday. It is still safe to visit my house. I hide my hoards.
  2. I am, well, a bit bull headed. But, not in a way that you would ever know until YOU KNOW. I think most people that don't know me that well would find this surprising. I got into a screaming match on the line today. It was the first time anyone at work has seen this side of me. But, don't call me a liar when I am not lying and don't accuse me of something I didn't do. And most of all, don't put words in my mouth. Guaranteed recipe to see the ass hole in me come out in a shouting, finger pointing, red faced kind of way.
  3. As I was typing that, THE CAT went running across the room and threw himself at the screen door, latching to the top of it. I jumped about, oh, 7 million feet. And before I could even recover he was across the room cleaning his paws. MOTHER. FUCKING. CAT.
  4. Have you ever had that thing everyone is talking about but you can't figure out what it is? And you don't want to ask because you SHOULD know and you played along the first time because you didn't care and now you just look stupid because everyone thinks you know what they are talking about? That is The Chew for me. I finally broke down and asked, to much mocking. And let me tell you, I don't know if I love or hate this show. It has Carla Hall (my favorite Top Chef contest of ALL TIME. Hootie Hoo, mother fuckers) and Michael Symon (he is from Ohio and his laugh is infectious. Not annoying. Stop saying annoying.) Two huge positives. It also has Clinton Kelly (from What Not To Wear and also starring regularly in my nightmare as my fabulous gay best friend that I stab repeatedly in the face) and Mario Batali (whose food I will cook ALL DAY but whose is a little pretentious and wears orange clogs.) Anyone else seen it? Thoughts? I am filing it under "hug then stab."
  5. I should really stop openly threatening to stab things on my blog. I mean, lets be honest. I am more of a passive aggressive homicidal maniac. Arsenic all the way.
  6. I made dirty rice (with ground beef, not organ meat, so the boy would eat it) and it was spicy last night, as it should be. Today? I have been eating it for an hour and gone through three glasses of water. I have to keep taking breaks. I love spicy food, but shit. 
  7. I got invited to the neighborhood bar of the new house tonight! I am officially on first name basis with the bartender and had their famous sauerkraut balls (this is what happens when you move into the German part of town.) So stoked. The general manager of the restaurant I work at practically lives there. I walked in and said his name and I was a VIP. I see myself spending a lot of time there. Especially since I can walk there.
  8. I am a wee bit impatient (note: wee bit means most impatient person ever.) So, all of the waiting for various emails about the house is killing me. Right now, I am waiting to find out what the homeowner is willing to fix from the inspection. It all makes me feel crazy. Er. Crazier. 
  9. I really only had 8. Well, probably 3. And you all probably only care about 1. I am kind of the worst blogger ever. So, I am going to post pictures of some of my favorite parts of the house. And we'll just call that 10. Because it is all I think about. And, I promise, there will be a video tour of the house posted as soon as we have possession. And the post title will be "feel free to skip this if you are not me." Because, lets be honest, on a scale of 1 to FUCKING SHUT UP RIGHT NOW you guys are all about a 7.
 Crown Molding throughout the whole first floor. Plus, I love the kitchen cabinets. At first I hated them because I prefer dark wood, but have grown to love them with the grey walls. 
 Exposed brick columns in both bedrooms. Ignore the very bachelor decor of the current renter. But, I cannot get over how much I love the exposed brick. It makes me so happy. That tiny closet...not so happy.
The yard. It needs SO. MUCH. WORK. and I am so excited about it. It has the potential to be an amazing space and I can't wait to have all of you over for dinner and drinks on the patio. Also, who needs some ivy? Because I have some to spare. In case you didn't notice. (behind the fence, there is a concrete slab parking spot next to the garage and off the alley. 1/4 of that is covered in ivy. That shit is predatory.)

And finally...and not pictured. The ice maker. I realize all of you are probably like "ice makers are so 2003" but I have never once lived somewhere that has one. And I can't even tell you how excited I am to get rid of the ice cube trays. Cannot even tell you.

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