Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Today is better.

I am better today. So much better. After, clearly, flying off the handle, I calmly sat down with the owner for an hour today and aired all my grievances. I feel better? I don't know if better is the word. I hate promises. I prefer actions and I got a lot of promises. But...I was told my hours on the line will be cut, but he wants me to do more of the catering and special events. I will be doing a wine/beer/liquor/mead dinner once a month. On top of spear heading most of the catering. I was once again promised the next sous chef position that became available. I was told up and down how good my food is and what a great contribution I am. 

I still feel a little cheated. I still don't understand why myself and one other person need FOUR supervisors. 

But, the guy I hate got fired today. And as long as I keep pushing, I will keep being allowed to create food and have unlimited creativity. 

Yesterday was a really bad day.

Today was so much better.

Thanks for the kind words.

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