Monday, February 20, 2012

That time I actually listened, and shut the fuck up. Sort of.

The dinner party was amazing. Please commence yelling at me. I will stop now. It clearly is not a fluke, I may actually be good at this. MOTHER FUCKER WHY DO I NOT REALIZE THIS? 

I'm sorry. To all of you. For being such an insecure douche. I know you all love me anyway.

Moving on...

Here are the pictures you have all been waiting for. Or not waiting for. Either way.

 I opened with a play on green eggs and ham. Butter poached asparagus, salt pork lardons, white balsamic and fig reduction, and a breaded and deep fried soft cooked egg. (The idea being you cut into the egg, the yolk mixes with the vinegar and makes the dressing for the asparagus.)

The next course was sort of the vegetable course (I was going classic French courses, but just picking and choosing.) A mushroom and polenta terrine with homemade blue cheese, brocco sprouts, enoki mushrooms, and fresh thyme.

The main course was pork belly brined with fresh herbs, then slow roasted and topped with a maple gastrique and shaved Brussels sprout slaw.

The dessert was my least favorite dish. Homemade doughnuts with pistachio honey ice cream and cardamon scented caramel. The caramel seized, hence the glob sitting on top of the ice cream. Stupid caramel.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and I got lots of texts the next day saying how good it was. So, all in all, a success.

I will now shut the fuck up.

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