Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Assholes, Boxed Wine, Interventions, and that time when everything comes to an end.

  1. I cannot stand people being mean for the sake of being mean. Or just being plain fucking rude. Someone asked me a genuine food question on Facebook, which I answered. Then a family member (by marriage) made a really smart ass comment basically calling this guy and idiot and me a weak American. Or some shit. The whole thing just pissed me off. Culinary curiosity makes me giddy. Please. Ask me the stupidest question you can think of. I will ALWAYS answer it and I will always be thrilled to do so. I mean that. Email me. Seriously. I want to help. And if I don't know the answer, I know someone who does. 
  2. I think I have to quit new, new job. All the problems I have been having with that coworker have escalated to a point that I am not sure I can continue having him in my life. I refuse to be that person that says "it's me or him." So, I am choosing to walk away from the situation. There are legitimate reasons to fire him and the few people I have been open with about this are pursuing those options. Which also makes me feel like shit. But, he cannot be in my life anymore. End of story. And if that means leaving a job I love, well, then that is what it means.
  3. I met a guy who owns a local sustainable creamery tonight. Who is also running for congress against a man I hate. He was bat shit crazy, but I would still vote for him. I gave him the contact info for new, new job and hopefully we will start using his products. That would be amazing. Also, I just really want to see the conversation between his crazy and the owner's crazy. This shit should be on YouTube.
  4. I have a problem. My name is Erratic and I am addicted to food blogs. I currently have 126 unread blogs in my "food" category. It was at zero yesterday. I can't keep up. I need an assistant to read food blogs for me then just send me what is relevant. I pay in home cooked meals and awkward gratitude. Who is in? I promise not to hug you. Or to hug you if that is your thing...but it will be brief and uncomfortable. As per the usual.
  5. At my house, if you use the bathroom, there is going to be a cat joining you. And he is going to want you to pet him while you do your business. However, since the boy has been in Vegas, Short Dog has joined in the fun. So, I now get the joy of peeing with a dog's head on my lap and a cat purring and shoving his butt at me for scratching. The dog is whining. The cat is meowing. Thankfully I find this peaceful. (No I don't.)
  6. I have a confession to make. I drink boxed wine. You should too. I admit, that the giant hippie in me originally bought it because it is a sustainable product. The wino in me continues to buy it because their Old Vine Zinfandel is pretty fucking decent. I am not going to say that it changed my life, but for the price, it's good. And it doesn't hurt that it is sustainable.
  7. I was going to start running this week and didn't. Blah. It would require me to run, come home, get the dog of short stature, then take him for a walk. I realize this makes me a lazy ass hole. My size 12's are starting to get tight...and that is the biggest size I have ever worn. I am not sure why I am all of a sudden gaining a bunch of weight but I am. The only changes I have made is the quitting soda thing and walking 1.5 miles a day. I feel like the opposite should be happening. I am so confused. I was skinnier when I drank soda and didn't exercise. Maybe I am existing in bizzaro world. In which case, somebody get me a cheeseburger. I'm on a diet.
  8. Does anybody else watch Intervention? Does anybody else think that the woman interventionist is a puppet made of elephant hide? Is anyone else terrified of her? If she showed up and tried to "Intervention" me, I would do whatever she said. "Yes, I am a heroin addict. Yes, I use it daily. Yes, I will go to rehab. Please don't re-purpose my skin for you face."
  9. I don't want a new job because I don't want to work nights. Wah.
  10. A quote that inspired me...and NO I didn't get it off pinterest. (I totally got it off pinterest.) I also think it is very fitting with what is going on right now..."When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you and it doesn't mean they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over." Word.

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Rachael Heiner said...

That sucks about new new job. It sucks to have to give things up to keep yourself healthy/sane.

I kind of giggled at your bathroom situation because, well, now you know what it's like to have kids! It sounds just like what happens to me with small people.