Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A long overdue introduction and some other shit.

The Top Chef Finale is tonight. This show is by far my favorite show on television for several reasons. The obvious is that it is about food and food is my happy place. But, it is more than that. This show highlights up and coming chefs and their food. Yes, their personalities are a part of it. But, I love the zany challenges and the competitive cooking. I don't know. I just love it. I seriously watch the episodes 5 or 6 times. And now that the finale is on, I will probably have a marathon from the beginning sometime this weekend.

Also, if Paul doesn't win, I may break my TV. Because things will be thrown. Swear words yelled. And wine consumed.


The weather has been fucked this winter. It was SEVENTY MOTHER FUCKING DEGREES TODAY. Just. No. I loved it. It was a beautiful day. But, tornadoes in February? Devastating tornadoes. Blizzards in Utah. I am literally sitting here with the back door wide open in shorts and a T-shirt. Yes, I love the mild winter. But, I just fear what it means for March. Or just the planet in general. Or the summer. Because, you know, ONE HUNDRED DEGREES IN THE KITCHEN TODAY. And it was only 70 outside.

Also, I found out Snookie is pregnant and due December 21st. I am pretty sure all signs lead to the world ending.


I need to introduce someone to this blog because it occurred to us tonight that you guys don't know who he/they are. We are going to call him Pocket Pen (he always has a pen in his pocket) and her Cupcake. They are our closest "couple" friends - the go to double date. Also, they are awesome and I am ashamed I have not told more stories about them here. THE SHAME. 

So, the boy hates seafood. Won't touch it, hates if I even cook it in the house. When the trip to Vegas came up, PP suggested that the two of us get together and eat some seafood because Cupcake is in Vegas with him. The boy, PP, and Cupcake are all coworkers. So, since PP and I were single for the week...we had dinner. 

He is also a pretty awesome food photographer as evidenced by these photos he took of my dinner. I made grilled Mahi Mahi with ponzu sticky rice, grilled zucchini, and a spicy coconut lemongrass sauce.

Good food, good company. 

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