Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Zumba: A Review

The boy and I are trying to lose weight and get in shape. We did not mean for it to coordinate with New Years, it just worked out that way.

This involves me drinking less (THE HORROR) and giving up soda completely (ALSO, THE HORROR.) 

I am cooking healthier. This week we have had lentils and brown rice. And salads with every meal. With fresh squeezed lemon and pepper instead of salad dressing. The food has been awesome. It really has. It makes a huge difference cooking healthy when you know how to make it taste good without added calories and fat. 

I miss soda, but I have been drinking tea, which is nice since it has been cold as shit here.

The other thing I am doing is being active every single day in a way that is NOT work. Today I took Short Dog for a mile walk and saw a woman walking a cat. No, that is not a typo. It had a leash.

Yesterday I did Zumba for the first time. Those of you that do not know what Zumba is, it is a latin dance/workout video thing. I haven't gotten past the basics DVD which essentially just walks you through the dance moves.

Now. I am not coordinated. Not at all. You all know this. So, imagine taking me, someone who cannot walk straight, and have them trying to do things like Samba. And other latin dance things. 

It went something like this:

Z: "Now, everybody let's take two steps to the right and clap."

E: "I've got this. Stepping Clapping. Yes."

Z: "Now, lets swing our hips in a circular motion while we step. Don't forget to clap!"

E: " Hips sort of swinging. I look like a little bit like a bee is attacking me, but it's OK. I am doing this!"

Z: "Now let's do that twice as fast, clap, and swing our arms so that we look like we have been a professional dancer for 17 years!"

E: "What happened to the stepping and the clapping? I almost had the hip swinging down! This is so fast! I must look ridiculous! But I am having fun!"

Z: "Now that you have our first step down, only 19 more to go. The next step involves solving world peace while humping the couch!"

E: sobs in corner while slowly moving hips in a circular motion.

Needless to say, day 1 Zumba was a wee bit challenging. However...despite the crippling self doubt and complete and utter thanks for a lack of mirror, I had a lot of fun. I am excited to do it again tomorrow. I have a feeling I will never be good at this, it is something fun that I will enjoy doing while getting fit at the same time.

But...all I want is a beer. Sigh.


zeghsy said...

I also lack coordination. That is until I step on a dance floor. It could be the ballet I took as a young girl, but I'm the girl who will do a beautifully graceful waltz or sassy cha cha and trip on the way off the floor. Keep at zumba. I've been dancing for years and years and it still messes me up. :) I'm glad to hear you're having fun though. That will keep you at it. And the music is good.

Big Jed said...


Rachael Heiner said...

When I was going to Zumba regularly at the gym, in the room with a wall of mirrors, I learned the #1 rule of Zumba. Keep your eyes on the instructor, and under no circumstances watch yourself "dancing" in the mirror. Ever.