Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hives and why I should not be allowed on the internet unsupervised.

I have very sensitive skin. I often just break out in a blotchy rash for no reason. At least no reason that I can figure out. 

I often get hives as well. I also have allergy induced asthma, which can cause me to wheeze when I am around cats, dogs, and excessive amounts of dust. Yes, I realize I have a dog, a cat, and dust. So, sometimes random hives are normal.

Friday, when I looked down to see my hands covered in hives, I thought nothing of it. This happens. It's normal. Except they didn't go away after an hour or so like normal. In fact, I still have them today.

Now. The only thing that I did differently than normal was pit olives that were in brine. And I wore gloves for an excessive amount of time. My hands have also been ridiculously dry lately, and sometimes that can cause them to become irritated. But, nothing like this.

So...I start googling. This is my answer to all medical problems. Also the reason for my neurosis. All of a sudden, there were all these websites in front of me saying OMG YOU HAVE SCABIES. TINY BUGS ARE LAYING EGGS UNDER YOUR SKIN AND YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. 

Shut laptop, go to urgent care. $90 later (yay for lack of health insurance) and I had an allergic reaction to something. We think olive brine. Which is a very long story that is not important. 

I go to the local pharmacy and get my prescription for Prednisone filled. I hate being on prednisone. It makes me BAT SHIT crazy. Crying, yelling, shoveling food in my mouth so fast I can't swallow...yeah. It's going to be a fun 9 days. The boy is going on vacation. 

So, the pharmacist signals that I am ready and she says that I should start taking it tonight since I am clearly having such a bad reaction. Now. The hives are on my hands, which are buried in the sleeves of my hoodie. She can't even SEE the area of my body where I am having a reaction. I sputtered something out and walked away. 

Then I think...wait, she thought the allergic reaction was happening on MY FACE. Which had no reaction. I think I have mentioned here that my face is always red. Like, always. And I have kind of a round, chubby face anyway. So, I am pretty sure she took the natural roundness of my face and the natural redness of my skin and assumed I was having an allergic reaction on my face. Awesome. Thanks for the self esteem boost, bitch.

Of course I had 100 comebacks as soon as I walked out, but I just bowed my head in shame and walked out. Because, you guys, I don't think it looks like I am having an allergic reaction on my face 24/7. Well, at least I didn't. 

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Krackle said...

It doesn't. That is just insane. I am thinking she saw your hands at some point.