Saturday, January 28, 2012

I needed that laugh.

I am done with prednisone. Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. I feel like a freight train hit me full speed and just left me on the side of the tracks. I think it is official...the next time someone tries to prescribe me prednisone, I am flat out refusing it. Three more days.

Anywho...that is not at all what this blog post is about. This is about my addiction to Pinterest and how at 5:30 this morning when I finally gave up on trying to sleep, this picture made me laugh so hard I cried. 

I thought maybe I wasn't the only one who needed this laugh. Hopefully you have all seen the SNL sketch. If not, well, here you go.

You're welcome.


Josey said...

That is Re-DONK-ulous, and hilarious.

Ann said...

I'm fucking CRYING at that. Oh my god.