Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boring...Please still love me.

  1. I just spent the better part of  my night trying to figure out how to merge traditional BBQ flavors with traditional Mexican flavors. (Traditional Mexican meaning allspice, cinnamon, coriander, and so on.) This is either going to be brilliant or a complete disaster. I really can't decide because traditional Mexican is a new thing I am exploring. AND I am doing this for the entire staff of my work. So, you know, people who know NOTHING about food. Why do I do this shit? I am so nervous.
  2. So....my cousin married someone with my same first name. And we have the same last name. I feel like I have talked about this here before, but if not, well, there are two of me actively in my life. And, you guys, IT IS SO CONFUSING. On Facebook people like my comments on her posts when it is clearly obvious that they think I am her. Pinterest...I confuse myself with her constantly. Like, wait, I don't remember pinning that...oh...right. Not me. I need a new name.
  3. I AM DONE WITH PREDNISONE! I AM DONE WITH PREDNISONE! I slept for like a gazillion hours yesterday. They sent me home from work because I was pale and possibly hallucinating from lack of sleep. It was bad. I also vomited for no reason other than, hey, vomit. Good times.
  4. I ran 1.37 miles today. I realize that to most people this is not that much...but it is the beginning. I will conquer the fat roll.
  5. On a related note, the boy is counting calories and this is the opposite of everything that I believe in regarding food and OMG I had to spell quinoa for him. It is a grain that is really good for you, honey. Just trust me, our meals are balanced. I kind of want to make him walk me through Norton every single day and then see how he feels about it.
  6. I AM SO SICK OF PLAYING MOUSEY (fetch with the mother fucking cat) WITH THE MOTHER FUCKING CAT. Put the fucking mouse somewhere near me and stop trying to kill me when I ignore you. !#@$@#$!@.
  7. And...political. Susan G Komen Foundation removed their funding from Planned Parenthood. I wrote an entire diatribe about my feelings on this, but it doesn't really matter. You agree or you don't. I don't.
  8. The following Facebook status will ALWAYS make me want to stab you; "I am so busy. Look at all I am doing. And then I am doing more. Do you feel bad about yourself? You should. Because I am ALSO DOING THIS. I know, I know, everyone is busy, but so am I! So busy! LOOK AT WHAT I AM DOING." Go fuck yourself. This applies only if your status is more than one sentence. If you accomplish this in on sentence, I deserve to feel like shit.
  9. I miss you guys. The last two-ish weeks are kind of a blur of medicated insanity. I feel so out of touch.
  10. This may be the most boring 10 random things ever. My bad. I promise to be more amusing in the future.


Big Jed said...

Regarding #3 - your voicemail the other day made no sense. I felt that I had to reiterate that even though I talk to you every single day. I thought everyone else needed to know this tidbit of information.

Regarding #5 - I also hate the counting of calories, however... I recently starting using an app that counts everything for you. I basically just did it to see how much I am eating because I never keep track of anything. Obviously I want to lose weight, but more than that I just want to see what I am taking in. It's not all bad.

Josey said...

Not a whole lot to say, but I'm glad you're back and feeling better. :)

I agree with Big Jed - counting cals is a good way for me to REALIZE how much I'm eating / how nutritious/not my food is. I don't always do it, but when I'm starting out on fresh weight loss goals (like right now), I find it really helpful to track for a few weeks to get me back into eating small portions, etc.

ps, I <3 quinoa.