Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mr. Belding would totally give me detention for this.

Sometimes when people rave about something, I get annoyed and avoid it on principle. I always end up relenting and loving the thing WAY late when everyone else is over it.

This is not that situation.

Sometimes someone tells me I should do something and I refuse because I can't be bothered or I don't want to deal with it. It just seems like too much work for the reward I will get.

This is also not that situation.

Sometimes I just procrastinate things. There is always tomorrow. Tomorrow Erratic will handle it. Or maybe the day after that.

This is also not that situation.

Sometimes I am just an idiot. And nobody really tells me that I should do something, I just innately know, hey, you should do this. Why haven't you done this? And I just don't do it. It isn't even procrastinating. It is just a complete lack of interest in said thing.

This is totally that situation.

I used a hands free headset on my iPhone for the first time today. No, not the first time on my iPhone. THE FIRST TIME EVER. ON ANY PHONE.

I live in 1998 and someone should just hand me a Zach Morris phone and be done with it.

Usually when I am doing something that requires both hands, I either get off the phone or put the person on speaker phone. It's not like I talk on the phone THAT much. But, I usually talk on the phone in my car which is the WORST place to not use hands-free. 

Today, I was on the phone with Tini and I wanted to walk Short Dog. But I wasn't done talking to Tini. And I knew my energy would fade and I would just procrastinate walking him until the boy came home and he did it. Wait, that isn't procrastination, is it? Hm.

So, I said, hey, I am going to dig out that hands free headset that I CARRY EVERYWHERE WITH ME.

That really is the worst part, isn't it? That it is always with me and I simply can't be bothered to use it. 

I get it out, I plug it in, and voila. Hands free. I walked the dog. I made dinner. I cleaned the bathroom. I dusted the living room. YOU GUYS. It was like having a friend go everywhere with you while you get shit done. LOVED. IT.

I realize that all of you are like, well, yeah. I mean, we have known this since 2004 when everyone else figured it the fuck out. Also, here is your giant flip phone, you idiot. 

I deserve that.

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Big Jed said...

Go feather your hair and go back to 1978. Okay, maybe not THAT far, but DUDE.......... FINALLY. And all this time you had me on that crappy speaker phone. FOR SHAME!