Monday, January 9, 2012

Diet, diet, diet, diet, diet...PINTEREST!

  1. Curry is not a thing. It is a spice mix created in England to replicate the flavors in Indian cuisine. There is no dish actually called curry, but rather it is a generic term for Indian food. This bothers me greatly and I had to share. I correct people on this often. Don't mess with my Indian food!
  2. The guy with the cats is back. I am choosing to pretend as though he doesn't exist. Maturity is my thing. I have decided, mostly because of you guys and your support, to just stick it out and be curt and have a strictly professional relationship. Next Blog Post: Tales from prison: How I killed the cat guy with a bowl of couscous.
  3. I am in a book rut. I need the next big thing, the next Harry Potter or Hunger Games or (cough, vomit) Twilight. I have read a Game of Thrones series too. Help. (ironically, I have not read The Help)
  4. I have decided to start making my own facial care products - toner, moisturizer, soap. Now, before you all start complaining about the smell of patchouli...yeah, you should start complaining. I am turning into a giant, giant hippie. On a positive note, I am making SOAP, so I won't be a smelly hippie. On a negative note, I am one homemade shampoo away from starting a commune and gathering followers. I am thinking a lovely beach commune...where we manufacture beeswax because that shit is EXPENSIVE.
  5. I have recently come across THREE things that are amazing. The unofficial Harry Potter recipe book, The Unofficial Hunger Games recipe book, and a blog where the writer made a cocktail for all the Harry Potter characters. Now, I ask you, who is coming to the dinner party? Ron sounds delicious.
  6. Our basement is finally getting fixed. We decided to gut it (it was VERY poorly finished) and refinish it with the help of one of the guys I work with. So, survey says, is it super cheesy and trashy to do a sports themed room? 
  7. I'm bored. Winter bores me. I am going to whine until March. Brace yourselves. 
  8. I am hooked on pinterest. You guys should all do it and follow me and then we can share pretty things and food and dorky things. I don't totally understand it yet, but it is a great time killer. See #7.  I just got lost for like an hour pinning pictures of food. Anywho...
  9. I am so sick of green tea and water and steamed vegetables. I WANT SODA AND BEER AND FRIED THINGS. Dieting sucks ass. I mean trying to eat healthier. Ugh. I just want beer.
  10. I went grocery shopping today and I do my best to bring my own bags (what's that smell? dirty hippie?) Well, today I brought two in and kept getting very strange looks as I was shopping. I always put them in the baby seat in my cart. Cut to the checkout and I start bagging my groceries...I totally brought the "Pet Funeral Services" bag from when Kobi died. Now, I have no issue with this, it's not like the ashes were just poured in the bottom. It is a perfectly good bag to, say, tote things to and from places where people know you. Not so much to be dressed in a chef's uniform at the grocery store. I can't even imagine what people thought.


Josey said...

Did you ever read the hobbit and the lord of the rings trilogy? They really are great!

Sports themed room sounds like great place to drink beer. :)

Big Jed said...

I can't to wait to make lotion! And toner!

Also, I can't stop laughing at the bag you took to the grocery store.

Krackle said...

I think you should read the help and I vote "no" on the sports themed basement.