Sunday, April 24, 2011


The boy sent me a video of the tornado that hit the St. Louis airport. I knew that all of this happened, I know my family is OK. I did not think anything of it.

When I saw the video...I burst into tears. Years ago, a tornado hit really close to my grandparent's house in Indiana. I remember having the same feeling...this could have been them. My mother, stepfather, sister, and brother-in-law live no more than 10 miles from the airport. My grandmother, lives about 25 miles away. Bradshaw is there, though not particularly close to the airport. The city is full of old and new friends who I love.

I am not scared of storms, in fact I love them. I am not scared of tornado's. I am that idiot sitting outside on my porch with a beer watching the sky change. I miss the storms back home, the storms here are rare and underwhelming. But, moments like this make me wish I could be everywhere at once. I could be in the basement with my St. Louis family while they waited out the here with my Ohio family...I wish we could all be in one place.

I am so happy that everyone I love is OK and am so sorry for those who are not. Those videos were scary and I am not posting them because, frankly, I don't want to watch them again to embed them. (note: figured that out today. For a former IT person, I am kind of a moron.)

In conclusion, I love you, man. And when in doubt, hide in the airport bathroom.


Bradshaw said...

No worries, love. Ten minutes from the airport was enough to keep my apartment safe. Being at Busch Stadium kept me safe. Wicked cool storm to watch, but it sure sucks knowing I'll probably know people affected by it. But hey, you're fabulous and I adore you. Come hang out in my imaginary basement any day. :)

Josey said...

Tornados are one thing that I definitely DO NOT MISS from the midwest. My hometown was destroyed by a F4 tornado in 2000. Absolutely awful.

@bradshaw - you were at busch stadium when that went down? HFS scary!