Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Dollar burger night. How could I say no?

A round of beer...tornado warnings...another round of beer.

Driving home, the stillness before the storm mesmerizing as the sky lights up. 

I can see the city's skyline every time the lighting strikes. I wish I knew the names of all the buildings.

The wind comes first, blowing me from lane to lane. There is not a car in sight.

The rain comes next, pelting my windshield. I can't see.

The flooding is last to arrive, hydroplaning all over the highway, grateful that I am alone.

My rear view mirror says otherwise as I realize I am guiding a train of cars through the storm. I think of the Pearl Jam song and chuckle.

The tornado sirens sound. 

Fuck, I should not be driving. Only a few more exits.

I have to pee. Stupid rain.

I get home, the sirens sound again. NCH takes this as a sign to destroy all rugs ever.

I blog and listen to the sounds of the storm and miss home. The sirens, somehow comforting. The thunder calms me.

I miss storms. 

1 comment:

Josey said...

oooh - i LOVE storms. they don't really get thunder/rainstorms here in CO. :(

glad you made it home safely! way to be the leader of the pack.

(pun intended).

HAHA. I crack myself up.