Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today's theme: Whiney

I can't get warm.

I go to work, and I am all sweating and hot and miserable. As soon as I leave work, I can't get warm. It's spring, for fuck's sake. This is my favorite time of the year and all I want to do is sit under blankets and try to get warm. I am not this person that is always cold. And I don't know what is different and it is making me crazy. I hate being cold, it is why I love spring so much. I break out the flip flops and I am finally warm after all those months of winter.

There really is no point to this other than to whine about being cold. Which is obnoxious, but it happened, so deal with it. 

Also, work is giving away 3600 veggie burgers for earth day and I pretty much want to jump off a bridge. 

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