Thursday, April 14, 2011

Everybody else is doing it...

So I am jumping on the mother fucking bandwagon. 

According to the now famous are my next tweets.

I'm 29. Fuck. I have determined that fucker bleeding. YES!!!!!! We Eat? Please stop smelling and life is.

Homework done, Buckeye victory...what to catch up their minds based on Wednesday!!

The best part of that horrible man abusing those cows. I planned on my dad says lasts about a lobster?

I love it. As soon as soon as I love to pay everything. You can do private loans through sallie mae, etc.

Thanks! I do. I would love this hell. Holy balls. Also, I live there, so hot?

He was trying to eat it! Sitting at least twice a bitch. to exist anywhere but I love my dad says lasts.

My sister's wedding in the whole animation domination amazingness... Working out of taco trucks!

Just watched someone with that really crazy. I can't afford. At a season. I am! I own away...

I love charity walks. or cut steak too thin! Top chef rule no. 1...don't make up their order. WOOT OFF!

I think I planned on the guy behind Coach Cooper in time to be what a date night on my favorite!

Voted. GOOD LUCK! Full of my assistant? I do with that horrible screeching noise. hahaha.

Congratulations! I am! I live in a completely ice covered windshield back in May.

Seriously, people, orange does not OUTSIDE MY WINDOW please, please do private loans through sallie mae.

The best part of wine is either the house. 7 bottles of my days off and have saved!

The real NCH. Leggins are just informed me from being rotten. Ha ha ha ha I want to drink at work.

The dude sitting on all the ER. Short ribs in Powell right now. This is always be you. Finger hurts now.

You have ever had. New Moon. Just choked on a bar. Have class at one of Brinner and beer.

Once again, you serious? Red Bull? I made a fanboy, therefore I am so I am that fail. I pay everything.

Ha ha. Awesome. I'd like that! Far more. I live with taco trucks! Now that Shit my days off work.

I made a tortoise and hateful? Or is that is great for the airport! Not the house.

7 bottles of my favorite! But I hate my 52 year old aunt likes Lady Gaga.

Holy fuck balls. It's weird how I love that horrible screeching noise. hahaha.

Wouldn't miss it! And I'm 29. Fuck. I wish I am officially caught up their parts hate birthdays.

My father just informed me at wine and then said vodka." Hm. Wonder what he can.

Good luck!! Rotten kitten. Adorable. But rotten. your namesake. The boy surprised me from being rotten.

I also going to catch up on the airport chilis. Yay for basset hounds because they are pretty much had.

Glad you're back. Muscle relaxers? Why, yes please. Lazy Sunday that really sure what I pay nothing and I?

I feel like it knows me....and is watching me right now. Fuck. I will never get enough of this.

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Josey said...

Good shit. Good good shit. :)