Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I went ahead and just titled the post rant because I feel like you all should be warned. And the rant is about food. And television. Oh, boy.

I am not sure if any of you watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution or not, but that show equal parts makes me scream and makes me cry. He is doing an amazing thing in the face of a bunch of people who do nothing but give him the finger all day.

Yes, he says things like fizzy drinks and mispronounces words and dresses up in pea costumes and chases children. I will rarely ever insist that I am right and other people are wrong, but I am right. Jamie Oliver is right. People who disagree are wrong. And I am simply talking about a few things here; knowing where your food comes from, eating less, moving more, and cutting down on sugar. Specifically corn based sugars, but whatever. I am not going to start on that right now.

An apple is always going to be better for you than a can of mixed fruit in syrup. Meat should look like meat. And I love a good chicken ring as much as the next person, but chicken's don't come in ring shapes. Vegetables shouldn't EVER have ingredients other than the name of the vegetable.

People should know where their food comes from. I love going to farmer's markets and taking a tomato from the hand of the person who grew it. I met a woman who worked at a creamery the other day who is now selling her milk to the grocery store that I shop at. I talked that woman's ear off for 20 minutes about how much I love the concept of farm to table. She didn't even think I was crazy.

There are people out there who care about the food that they grow. There are people out there that care about how much money they make growing food. I would rather buy from the person who cares about the food that they grow any day.

I don't always follow my own philosophy because it is expensive, bottom line. AND. THAT. IS. FUCKED. It is cheaper for me to buy a package of food with a list of ingredients that I can't even pronounce than it is for me to cook a dinner of locally grown/raised food. It pisses me off every single day, but it is what it is.

All of these choices, all of this ranting is about me. About choices I make for me and the boy. If we had children? They would not know what fast food tasted like. I would make their baby food from fresh vegetables and fruit. I would sacrifice everything to make sure that they understood food, where it came from and how important it was to respect it. I would teach them about dieting, about being healthy. I was never taught any of this. I would break that cycle.

I would completely flip my shit if I found out my child was fed frosted doughnuts for breakfast or chicken nuggets and pizza for lunch at school. Jamie Oliver is trying to do a good thing and I just simply don't understand the resistance. If he came to Ohio, I would follow him around with a sign that said "He's right. Shut the fuck up and agree with him." Then I would punch people in various tender places if they disagreed. Mostly genital places.

Sorry for the rant. I just saw the new episode and got really angry and subsequently shared. Please don't hate me.

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Josey said...

I love this rant. :) The new season is on my DVR list to watch tonight. He's doing such an amazing thing!!

My Mom apologizes all the time for not teaching us HEALTHY food habits... she has struggled with her weight for the past 20 years, and those bad habits definitely get passed on. I'm so excited to have the chance to teach my kids differently.